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J. & R. Dodge, Sheffield

Joseph & Robert Dodge, Sheffield (England)


Die folgende Beschreibung und die Kopie einer Anzeige stammen aus dem Ausstellungskatalog von "The Cutting Edge". Die Ausstellung fand statt von Juli bis Oktober 1992 in der Ruskin Gallery in Sheffield/England.

"J. & R. DODGE

Joseph and Robert Dodge are listed in the
1862 Sheffield Directory as merchants and
manufacturers of table cutlery based at 68
and 70 West Street. In 1864 they moved to 47
Eyre Lane and then to Bridge Street in 1879.

In 1879 the firm advertised that they were
manufacturers of files and edge tools and
indeed their mark appears on such tools.
However, they did not actually manufacture
these tools, they operated as merchants and
factors buying a wide variety of products from
specialist makers. The goods, including
cutlery, hollow-ware (silver & plate), saws,
files and edge tools were given the J. & R.
Dodge mark and were then shipped to their
contacts based in Holland who required them.
This was common practice, even amongst
manufacturers themselves, the most important
factor being that the goods had been sold.

Because of the high quality of goods which
the J. & R. Dodge mark was given to, it
become respected as a sign of quality. When
the business was bought by Francis Newton
of Portobello Road in 1894 the Dodge mark
continued to be used.

Subsequent buyers continued this practice;
the last recorded entry of the mark in the
register of Trademarks Book, Cutlers Hall,
Sheffield is in 1974 when it expired through
non-payment of renewal."
Anzeige J. & R. Dodge, Sheffield

Weitere Informationen

Nach Gerrit van der Sterre [GvdS] lebten J. & R. Dodge um 1825 in Amsterdam und eröffneten dort nach 1831 zwei Geschäfte in der Leidsestraat und in der Kalverstraat.


Zwiemandl mit einem Eisen von J. & R. Dodge

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Gerrit van der Sterre: Four Centuries Of Dutch Planes And Planemakers

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